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New Product PRODEFIS LMS Presented at WATS 2015

LMS, Product Launch, WATS

Our latest product, LMS, was presented at WATS 2015. LMS is a web-based e-learning delivery system. It allows for distribution of electronic training contents to your employees. And it allows for conducting exams.
We have chosen an alternative and very airline specific approach to LMS which results in very low administration efforts – for business and IT.

PRODEFIS E-FILE launched at Norwegian Air Shuttle

E-File, Product Launch

Our latest product, PRODEFIS E-FILE, was put into live at Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA, the third largest low-cost carrier in Europe and the second-largest airline in Scandinavia. E-FILE is the system of choice when moving to electronic management of personnel files and employee self-service.
E-FILE enables electronic storing of all employee related documents and linking them to the respective electronic records in the system. This way you can access all records and documents through one single web interface at anytime and anywhere.
The self-service features allow employees to maintain all kinds of personal data and to upload supporting documentation while simultaneously reducing office staff workload. This may also include sensitive and regulator-relevant data. This is possible because the quality of the data is assured.


Product Launch

STAFF is a comprehensive human resource management and record keeping system specifically tailored to meet the requirements of the aviation industry.

PRODEFIS TPMS launched at TUIfly

Product Launch, TPMS

Our latest product, TPMS, was put into live at TUIfly, a german airline owned by the travel and tourism company TUI Group.
TPMS is a training and performance monitoring system. It covers all training-related activities for training managers, instructors/examiners and trainees while streamlining the coordination and communication with the planning and scheduling teams. TPMS is also an all-in-one IT solution for airlines applying EBT (Evidence-Based Training), CBT (Competency-Based Training), ATQP (Alternative Training & Qualification Programme), AQP (Advanced Qualification Program).