Web-based Learning Management System


LMS, the Learning Management System, is a web-based e-learning system delivering training lessons and exams and capturing results, electronically. We have chosen an alternative and very airline specific approach to LMS which results in very low administration efforts – for business and IT.

  • Innovative Integration with Airlines’ Scheduling Systems
  • High Degree of Automation
  • Engine Compliant with AICC and SCORM
  • Very Low Administration Efforts – for Business and IT

As an airline you can

  • assign online-training lessons and exams to each of your employees
  • track the status of lessons and exams
  • monitor the results
  • track follow-up/remediation actions

LMS offers Web-interfaces for:

  • Learners (can be any airline employee)
  • Instructors and Examiners
  • Managers

LMS can be fully integrated with TPMS, this way leveraging all of its benefits, for instance:

  • all enhanced manager workflows
  • the unique roster interface
  • the interfaces to all other systems

Our content player is fully compliant with AICC and SCORM, this way ensuring the maximum compatibility with third-party contents. Of course, you can use your own content as well. The engine allows for running training lessons and exams in all current browsers on all relevant platforms.