Training and Performance Monitoring


TPMS is an all-in-one IT solution for airlines implementing EBT (Evidence-Based Training), AQP (Advanced Qualification Program), ATQP (Alternative Training & Qualification Programme), traditional training or mixed.

TPMS covers all training-related activities for training managers, instructors/examiners and trainees; streamlines the coordination and communication with the planning and scheduling teams; and, provides detailed tools for analyzing all aspects of your training programs.


  • offers web interfaces for training managers, instructors/examiners and trainees
  • provides dedicated process support for training managers
  • allows electronic grading and data collection for all event types
  • fully supports EBT, AQP, ATQP
  • enables paperless training organization
  • maximizes standardization of assessments

With this interface training managers can

  • access the training forms of trainees and instructors/examiners
  • sign off or revoke forms
  • conduct selection panel meetings
  • join appraisal processes
  • conduct review board meetings
  • assign remedial training packages
  • review performance analyses of trainees, instructors/examiners
    and training organization

With this interface, instructors/examiners can

  • access their own training schedules
  • grade/submit forms
  • view their archived forms
  • access trainees’ profile
  • review trainees’ forms submitted by other instructors/examiners
  • Send forms and related documents to authorities

With this interface, trainees can

  • access their own training schedules
  • view their own forms submitted by instructors/examiners
  • assess e-learning lessons
  • submit exams
  • access/update their own profiles
  • submit feedback forms
  • review own performance analyses

TPMS offers additional web interfaces for other user groups involved, e.g. for schedulers.

TPMS provides integrated and consistent functions and workflows which support training manager related tasks and processes.


  • supports training managers in decision-making by delivering instant performance reviews
  • automates routines using defined key performance indicators

Manager workflows and functions utilize the integrated performance database

Selection Process

Training managers define selection panels and related criteria. According to defined criteria, TPMS finds eligible candidates and provides the functions required for managing follow-up actions.

Appraisal Process

Training managers define appraisal panels and respective trigger events. As soon as an event is triggered TPMS kicks off and organizes the process automatically.

Review Boards

TPMS provides you with all means to manage and conduct review board meetings. These meetings will be integrated with other workflows and respective trigger events.

Remedial Training

TPMS allows training managers to define, to assign and to track remedial training. It also offers functions to coordinate the required actions with the planning & scheduling team.

Watch Lists

Managing watch lists seems to be easy, but a full and consistent integration of watch lists into processes dealing with selection, appraisal, reviews, remedial training and form sign-off is very complex. TPMS is the solution for this complex integration.

Automated & Configurable Workflows

Every supported task and process uses highly configurable and automated workflows, adaptable to your airline’s specific requirements. For more details on the functions and workflows supporting training managers, please ask for a presentation customized to your requirements.

TPMS comes with the most powerful form builder available on the market. It allows you to create forms of any complexity, forms to be used for all training phases and all training programmes (e.g. EBT, AQP or ATQP), forms set up for any crew complement on any training device, forms to run on any platform online/offline.

Use electronic forms for all events on all devices

You can use electronic forms for trainings and checks on flights, in simulators, in classrooms, at home… on all devices, be it iPads, Windows tablets, Android tablets, notebooks or MacBooks.

TPMS provides unique features and out of the-box processes, making training administration most efficient. TPMS covers all EBT / AQP / ATQP process steps from individual training/check form generation up to data driven curriculum development for a proficiency-based qualification of your crew.

TPMS comes with an integrated and powerful analytical module. It allows tracking of

  • individual pilot performance
  • group performance
  • trainer performance
  • performance of the entire training organization

There is no need for additional reporting tools or data warehouses. However, you can export the integrated data warehouse at any time and use your own favourite reporting tool.

EBT, AQP and ATQP subject matter experts are among our team. This unrivalled know-how together with TPMS’s built-in and ready-to-use processes, will speed up your move to any data-driven system.

We support you in set-up of implementation plans, in creation of training syllabi, in analysing the collected data and in all other areas of data driven training methods.

TPMS is the only system worldwide covering every aspect of EBT, and supporting Mixed EBT, Baseline EBT and Enhanced EBT.

TPMS is the only system worldwide coming with a ready-to-use Implementation Plan and with a generic task-analysis. The task-analysis contains scenarios and task lists including subtasks and elements, detailed performance standards, and ready-to-use assessment/grading systems.

PRODEFIS also provides services for adapting the generic task-analysis to your SOPs and OMs.

TPMS is delivered with generic Task Analyses, JTLs, QSDs as well as with an implementation plan.

TPMS can be integrated with existing systems seamlessly, for instance:

  • Automatic generation & pre-population of electronic forms from your planning system (crew scheduling or training management system).
  • Automatic update of qualifications in your crew qualification data-base.

TPMS can be integrated with COURSE, LMS, E-FILE and other systems

This module manages First-Look maneuvers. From a pool of scenarios, one or more are randomly attached to any chosen electronic form. The analysis of the data collected is the core argument for any safety case or risk assessment.

Feedback forms are designed by using a powerful feedback form builder. After any configured training event, TPMS will automatically generate electronic feedback forms. Trainees will submit these through the Crew Web Interface. Later, people in charge can use the analytical module to analyze feed-back results.

  • Full Support for Proficiency-Based and Data-Driven Training
  • Real time performance data
  • Automation throughout the system
  • Complementary consulting services for business
  • Strong business case