Innovative Systems Created in Partnership
with Airlines for Airlines

Solutions & Services

prodefis offers integrated software products for the aviation industry. All prodefis products optimize processes, increase productivity and reduce costs and workload. Each product can be tailored to your requirements and integrated with existing systems. Our products meet the requirements of small and big organizations as well as of low-cost carriers and network airlines.

Born of practical experience, made for practical use. We believe that the most important success factor has always been the close cooperation with the aviation industry. Please take a look at our innovative systems.


Training and Performance Monitoring

TPMS is an all-in-one IT solution for airlines implementing EBT, AQP, ATQP, traditional training or mixed.

TPMS covers all training-related activities for training managers, instructors/examiners and trainees; streamlines the coordination and communication with the planning and scheduling teams; and, provides detailed tools for analyzing all aspects of your training programs.


Training Scheduling, Qualification Management, Resource Management

COURSE is the Training Management System for planning & scheduling, qualification and compliance management, resource and venue management, record keeping and auditing.


Electronic Personnel Files and Employee Self-Service

E-FILE is the system of choice when moving to electronic management of personnel files and employee self-service.


Web-based Learning Management System

LMS, the Learning Management System, is a web-based e-learning system delivering training lessons and exams and capturing results, electronically.


Information System for Airlines and their Business Partners

The web-based AIS provides secure access to real-time operational airline data as well as to historical and planning data.


Arrangement of Crew Accommodation and Travel

CAP is highly automated. It offers complete support in arrangement of crew accommodation and positioning and in management of respective suppliers.

Flexible Delivery Models

License and Secure prodefis Cloud (SaaS)

prodefis offers two delivery models for its software products. It is intended to ease your decision-making while considering the requirements of your organization.

Supplementary Services

Services & Consulting around EBT, AQP and ATQP

EBT, ATQP and AQP subject matter experts ar among our Team. This allow us to provide you with unrivalled know-how in data driven training methods.

We can integrate our products with any operations system or back-office application – it does not make any difference whether you use custom solutions or licensed software. The multi-tenant capability of our products allows integration with multi-tenant environments.

Each client has its own requirements with regard to support. Our flexible support models cover all ranges from basic needs up to 24/7/365 requirements, including custom support models. Please contact us for discussing the support model meeting your specific business requirements best.

Designed to provide the highest level of automation, our products reduce costs and increase efficiency. They eliminate routine tasks, save time and lead to increased productivity. Driven by configurable business rules, automated processes ensure a high quality of results, enabling you to pay attention to the exceptions rather than to the rules.