Electronic Personnel Files and
Employee Self-Service

It’s more than a digital archive!


E-FILE is the system of choice when moving to electronic management of personnel files and employee self-service.

E-FILE enables electronic storing of all employee related documents and linking them to the respective electronic records in the system. This way you can access all records and documents through one single web interface at anytime and anywhere.

The self-service features allow employees to maintain all kinds of personal data and to upload respective documents while reducing office staff’s workload. This may also include sensitive and regulator-relevant data. This is possible because the quality of the data is assured.

A shift of workload to employees does not mean poor data quality. In case of E-FILE quite the opposite is the case. E-FILE comes with sophisticated workflows which allow managers to efficiently monitor and approve data entered by employees.

Deploy E-FILE within virtually any organization’s IT environment and seamlessly integrate it within your existing systems; for example, within your HR system, crew management system, training management system, and/or crew qualification system, according to your needs.

Besides indisputable business benefits, the business case for introducing E-FILE is simply too big to ignore. E-FILE reduces costs by:

  • eliminating costs for maintaining traditional document archives
  • shifting responsibility for digitizing documents from office staff to employees
  • shifting data maintenance workload from office staff to employees
  • Fastest Go-Live
  • Maximum Cost Savings
  • Multilingual User Interface
  • Approved by Civil Aviation Authorities
  • Flexible Integration with Existing System