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Pegasus Airlines selects PRODEFIS for EBT

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The leading Turkish low-cost carrier Pegasus Airlines has opted for PRODEFIS Training Management Solutions.

Captain Aydin Yumrutas, Head Of Training Department at Pegasus Airlines, on decision for selecting PRODEFIS:
“The PRODEFIS TPMS Software, responds our needs by it’s customizable nature for implementation of Evidence-based training and data analysis. With the experience and consultancy of prodefis, Pegasus Airlines will move to paperless workflow and ensure continuous improvement in Cockpit and Cabin Training Systems.”

PRODEFIS TPMS, the Training and Performance Monitoring System, is an all-in-one IT solution for EBT, ATQP and AQP.
PRODEFIS E-FILE is a system for electronic management of personnel files and for staff self-services.

About Pegasus Airlines
Founded with the mission that everyone has the right to fly and having launched its scheduled services in 2005, Pegasus Airlines is now, in just over a decade, Turkey’s leading low-cost airline and one of the region’s frontrunners with a growing network of 108 destinations, including 36 in Turkey and 72 other international destinations in 42 countries across Europe, Russia and the Caucasus, the Middle East, North Africa and Asia.
Pegasus Airlines launched its first charter flights in 1990 and was then acquired by ESAS Holding in 2005, since which it has been operating scheduled flights as Turkey’s first and leading low-cost airline. Pegasus offers its guests competitively priced, comfortable and punctual point-to-point.

Jetstar Airways goes EBT with PRODEFIS TPMS

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Jetstar Airways (Australia) has selected PRODEFIS TPMS for the implementation of EBT (Evidence-Based Training) and of a paperless training organisation.

Jetstar Airways is a subsidiary of Qantas, operating Airbus A320 and B787 aircraft throughout Australia, the Asia Pacific region and the United States.

PRODEFIS TPMS is an all-in-one IT solution for airlines implementing EBT, AQP and ATQP. TPMS covers all training-related activities for training managers, instructors/examiners and trainees while streamlining the coordination and communication with the planning and scheduling teams.

Captain Brett Foxley-Conolly, Head of Training and Checking at Jetstar Airways, on decision for selecting TPMS from PRODEFIS:
“The PRODEFIS TPMS product provides Jetstar with a system that allows us to implement EBT in accordance with the ICAO Manual of Evidence Based Training (Doc 9995). The highly configurable nature of the program along with the PRODEFIS ‘Changes Welcome Policy’ has enabled us to tailor the solution to just how we need it in order to satisfy both our company and regulatory requirements. The support provided to Jetstar by the PRODEFIS team has been nothing short of extraordinary and is a key element to our success. TPMS will also give us the ability to go paperless with all of our training and checking documentation for both Pilot and Cabin Crew training providing a reduction in associated workflows for Compliance and Managers”

SunExpress Deutschland Selects PRODEFIS E-FILE

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SunExpress Deutschland, a subsidiary of SunExpress, which itself is a joint-venture of Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines, selected PRODEFIS E- FILE, the system for electronic management of personnel files and crew self-service.

E-FILE enables electronic storing of all employee related documents and linking them to the respective electronic records in the system.
The self-service features allow employees to maintain all kinds of personal data and to upload documents while reducing office staff’s workload.

Lufthansa Group Airlines Awards Bid for EBT Solution to PRODEFIS

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The airlines in the Lufthansa Group – Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, SWISS, Lufthansa CityLine, Brussels Airlines, Eurowings, Lufthansa Cargo and SunExpress Deutschland – awarded the bid for an EBT Solution to prodefis.

The airlines have selected PRODEFIS TPMS, the Training and Performance Monitoring System, an all-in-one IT solution for EBT. PRODEFIS TPMS covers all training-related activities for training managers, instructors/evaluators and trainees.

“We are proud of having been chosen by the Lufthansa Group Airlines.”, said Arvand Varahram, Managing Director at prodefis. “This underscores the leading position of TPMS in the area of Evidence-Based Training.”

Jet Time has chosen PRODEFIS TPMS, E-FILE and LMS

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Jet Time is the largest Danish-owned airline. The company operates purely business-to-business, delivering air transport solutions for charter and freight companies and others with need for air transport. Since the start-up in 2006 the fleet has grown to an average of 30 aircraft of the types Boeing 737 and ATR72.

Jet Time has opted for PRODEFIS Training Management Solutions:
PRODEFIS TPMS, the Training and Performance Monitoring System, is an all-in-one IT solution for ATQP, EBT and AQP.
PRODEFIS LMS is a web-based e-learning system, delivering training lessons and exams.
PRODEFIS E-FILE is a system for electronic management of personnel files and for staff self-services.

Captain Thomas Lau Koester, Training Manager and NPCT, on Jet Time’s choice:
“Jet Time is looking forward to the cooperation with PRODEFIS. TPMS will enable us to collect the data needed for our ATQP implementation, as well as provide us with a valuable tool for improving and customizing our training.
With the ATQP knowhow, consulting and implementation experience of PRODEFIS, we will have a strong platform to launch on. We have chosen PRODEFIS over other similar products due to its high quality and the customization levels. Jet Time is modernizing the Training Department and implementing TPMS is an important step in this process.”

Scandinavian Airlines Chooses PRODEFIS for Training Management

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Scandinavian Airlines, the flag carrier of Sweden, Norway and Denmark, and the leading airline in Scandinavia, has opted for the Hybrid SaaS Delivery Model of prodefis’ products. SAS will use PRODEFIS TPMS, the Training and Performance Monitoring System, for conducting training, managing SAS’ existing ATQP and incorporating EBT into ATQP, while PRODEFIS LMS Bridge will enable a seamless integration with the 3rd party LMS of SAS. PRODEFIS E-FILE will allow for moving to electronic management of personnel files and for record keeping.

“SAS has been an ATQP pioneer, so being selected by SAS means being selected by experts who set high standards for an ATQP solution. And becoming experts’ choice makes us proud.”, said Arvand Varahram, Managing Director at prodefis. “SAS’ input will always be valuable to us. We are delighted to have SAS as customer.”

Egil Dahlum, Head of Crew Training at Scandinavian Airlines, on SAS’ decision for selecting PRODEFIS: “SAS has operated according to ATQP since 2008, and has been looking for a method to explore and utilize the ATQP potential within EASA further. In PRODEFIS we believe we have found the perfect tool for this along with a very solution centered organization.”

Lufthansa Flight Training Selects PRODEFIS TPMS EBT Edition for their Electronic Training Management

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Lufthansa Flight Training and prodefis have joined forces for LFT´s aim to go digital on all processes involved in training their customers´ pilots, including electronic grading, data collection, online communication with authorities and EBT compliance management.
The very strong and highly automated analytical module will allow real time access to all relevant data analyses for trainers and managers, enabling ad-hoc optimization of running courses.
PRODEFIS TPMS will enable LFT to offer customers online access to trainee records including proficiency documentation and training success.

“Only PRODEFIS TPMS EBT Edition offers the functions we need to push Evidence-Based Training further ahead, optimizing type rating footprints for specific needs of airline customers.
TPMS gives us the flexibility and efficiency to adapt all courses – whether initial type rating or any other training. This will help us to stay ahead of competition, offering the highest quality training products and services”
says LFT´s Head of Training Henrik Hartmann.

Widerøes Flyveselskap AS Selects PRODEFIS for Resilience Engineering, ATQP and Crew Self-Service

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Widerøe, the largest regional airline in Scandinavia, has opted for TPMS and E-FILE.
TPMS is an all-in-one IT solution for airlines applying Evidence-Based Training (EBT), Competency-Based Training (CBT), AQP and ATQP. E-FILE is a system for Crew Self-Service and Electronic Personnel Files.

Captain Endre Berntzen, Head of Training, explained Widerøe’s decision:
“prodefis does not only provide a strong tool for making our operation more efficient, they also deliver support to business in the ATQP process, which has been very helpful. Widerøe is implementing resilience engineering in a new linecheck concept and TPMS helps us achieve the goals we have set in the project. We were looking for an all inclusive package and prodefis has delivered second to none.”

Germanwings selects PRODEFIS TPMS as its Evidence-Based Training Solution

COURSE, E-File, new customer, TPMS

Germanwings, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lufthansa, has chosen TPMS for applying ATQP. Germanwings is the 10th European airline relying on TPMS for managing ATQP. TPMS is the Training and Performance Monitoring System providing full support for ATQP, AQP, EBT and CBT. Many CAAs across Europe have already approved ATQPs based on TPMS.
Germanwings has also opted for COURSE, the training management system which supports planning and scheduling, qualifications management, resource management, record keeping and auditing.
The airline has also chosen E-FILE for electronic management of personnel files.