Jetstar Airways goes EBT with PRODEFIS TPMS

Jetstar Airways (Australia) has selected PRODEFIS TPMS for the implementation of EBT (Evidence-Based Training) and of a paperless training organisation.

Jetstar Airways is a subsidiary of Qantas, operating Airbus A320 and B787 aircraft throughout Australia, the Asia Pacific region and the United States.

PRODEFIS TPMS is an all-in-one IT solution for airlines implementing EBT, AQP and ATQP. TPMS covers all training-related activities for training managers, instructors/examiners and trainees while streamlining the coordination and communication with the planning and scheduling teams.

Captain Brett Foxley-Conolly, Head of Training and Checking at Jetstar Airways, on decision for selecting TPMS from PRODEFIS:
“The PRODEFIS TPMS product provides Jetstar with a system that allows us to implement EBT in accordance with the ICAO Manual of Evidence Based Training (Doc 9995). The highly configurable nature of the program along with the PRODEFIS ‘Changes Welcome Policy’ has enabled us to tailor the solution to just how we need it in order to satisfy both our company and regulatory requirements. The support provided to Jetstar by the PRODEFIS team has been nothing short of extraordinary and is a key element to our success. TPMS will also give us the ability to go paperless with all of our training and checking documentation for both Pilot and Cabin Crew training providing a reduction in associated workflows for Compliance and Managers”